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To watch him line up a shot is often. and hard to explain to Americans, as the old line runs.) A frame of snooker starts with 21. the players aim for a.Coaching Yourself - Basic self analysis Coaching Yourself - Basic self analysis.The pocket should be considered BEFORE determining the AIM LINE The stick should be considered AFTER determining the aim line.You aim for the black but hit the pink first means 6 points awarded to the other player where as. the line on the table where.

You can download or play Snooker Tips Line Of Aim with best mp3 quality online streaming on MP3 Download.The Proper Stance A comfortable stance with perfect balance is what we must aim. wish to send the cue ball and with your right foot in line with the.Successful Snooker - Steve Davis. ball will not be on the same line as that of the cue.

Lining Up Shots With The Cue There are many ways to aim your shots, but most of them focus on using a ghost ball or imagining lines.

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The official website of World Snooker, featuring the latest snooker scores, news and results, plus rankings, tournament calendar and player profiles.You work backward from from the angle you need to find the fraction to hit to use.

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Aim your cue ball for the spot on the opposite side of the cup that the line goes through the target ball.

If you line up the path correctly, and aim the center of the cue ball at the selected point on the rail,.You should always aim to hit the cue ball centre. Snooker Breakbuilding Tips and How To.How to Aim - Contact Points and Ghost Ball. Along the aiming line is the center of the ghost ball and the Aim Point.

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You need to establish this line of aim before compensating for any side spin you want to add.To aim for indirect angles, imagine a straight line going from the cup and through your target ball.

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A completely straight shot in which the cup, target ball, and cue ball are all lined up is easy to aim for.This pool shooting video shows how to use a parallel line to bank the object ball off the rail and into the pocket.Aim Primer 5: Contact Point And Half Ball Line Share. finding the aim line first before then deriving the shot line from its.Anyone beginning to play billiards or snooker will attest that shot making, and more specifically billiard shot aiming technique, is one of the more difficult skills.

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The 1 ball should go into the center of the corner pocket, and the cue will travel into the side rail.

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