Welcome to GLM Management!

GLM is a Record Label agregator and management company, specialized in placing independent music brands acting as a distribution pipe to Top digital music stores, internet infrastructure creation, configuration, management and SEO assistance, with a group formed by Expert Audio engineers, web-designers, profesional image and video editors social experts and web publishers.

Initially founded by the brasilian artist duo Bitch Bros as a tiny closed group for retail distribution of independent labels a wider audience of the bigger stores selling electronic music, now the whole system is focused on many other Music styles too. We currently work with any music style: over the EDM spectrum (Chill, Deep, House, Techno, Trance, Psy, etc) to Rock, Reggae, Indie, Folk and general Styles too!!

The idea is to grant all associates the chance to exposure their music creations to the world, and also be able to count with all the technical support and assistance, following a strict audio quality focused policy to load only and exclusively HIGH QUALITY audio music, either for audio professionals or else to the open audience worldwide, counting with 3 specialized audio engineers and smart assistance.

As expected, we do follow and apply the same policy to the graphic, social and web design work also, delivering not only the best multimedia content for artists and the bennefitters of our plataform to load, but grant the best proper exposure of their media over the internet.

If you are an active music group and want to expose and work with us, get more information about our label policies, send your promos for evaluation for feedback, get quotations for our artist rooster bookings or any other kind of question, do not hesitate to Contact Us, Please!! More information posted constantly on our social networks! Stay tunned!