Mastering your recordings will give you the professional sound that tv, radio and labels demand. As a last step before manufacturing a CD, Vinyl, selling your digital audio, stream over the WEB or via Air broadcst, it's a remarkable process that literally separate the successfull recordings from the rest of the market.

Our inhouse mastering engineers have over a decade working for dozens of more than 20 record labels and hundreds of artists to experience to hear the smallest details and do corrections where necessary, take your final mix, processes and tweaks and polishes it, preparing your recording to translate the best optimum sound on all sound systems, giving it a dynamic, aesthetic, and intense depth and clear to your music.

We are determined to be your first choice in audio mastering, providing a timely quality mastering at low cost with our online system. Send us a quotation. You would be amazed how much room there is for improvement on mastering. Check what we can do for you:

Audio Specifications Tips:
Formats: WAV / AIFF / FLAC / AAC / OGG / MP4 / MP3
Resolutions: 16bit / 24bit / 32bit
Sample rates: 44 khz / 48 khz / 96 khz / 192 khz

Avoid red peak level on master channels. We recommend not exced -3dB. Switch off compressors, soft-clippers, limiters on the master stereo out. We will deliver a 2 minute MASTERED sample of your track as part of the trial service. Passing your standards, tracks will be fully processed. You can upload your files using: - or give us direct link. If required, we can also provide FTP access for users with a big ammount of files! Just ask our FTP server details.